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Hints & Tricks, How to, Tutorials
It´s so easy with a good method!

Forest, Model a forest without the pain of making actual trees first
A well know and proven method of making nice looking forest for any scale model railroad layout by using micro fiber.

Mountains, The easy way to make expert looking mountains
Tutorial on how to model mountains from ground up to get that "expert look".

Pine tree, Model a really nice looking Pine tree in 58 seconds!
A well know and proven method of making Pine trees for any scale model railroad layout by using Spirea flowers. Quick and almost for free!

Street lights, Model a LED-based street light for your model landscape
A tutorial how to make a good looking, low cost street light in less than 5 minutes.

Turn-out repair and improve function of your Märklin turnouts 5202
How to disassemble the solenoid in the turnout to clean and polish the parts. The process is explained and important check points highlighted.

Water, Ocean or lake water with real waves
Three layers of toilet paper with an rich amount of the mixture of water and wood glue becomes like thick pulp. The waves formed by a brush of suitable size.



Video documentaries from events all over the world
Check out the video before booking your trip to the layout of your dreams.

Gävle Järnvägsmuseum 12:e september 2015 - Krokodilen ankommer till Gävle järnvägsmuseum (100år av elektrifierad järnväg)
The historic event when the Swiss Crocodile arrives to the Gavle Railroad museum in Sweden.

MJ Hobbymässan 2013 i Älvsjö, Sweden
Visit to one of the largest Model Railroad exhibitions in Sweden.

MJ Hobbymässan 2015 i Älvsjö, Sweden
Visit to one of the largest Model Railroad exhibitions in Sweden.

Layout videos
Constantly pushing the creative limits for the art filming a Model Railroad layout.

The Tullinge layout video January 8th, 2016
A round tour on the layout using a small action camera.

GBMJ, Gamlebyen Jernbanesenter, Fredrikstad, Norway
A videodocumentary from the largest permanent layout in Norway, Scandinavia November 2015.

The Tullinge layout video October 11th, 2014
Himmelsboda station open for trafic.

The Tullinge layout video May 31th, 2013
The first industry of the layoutens opens.

The Tullinge layout video March 21, 2013
First trainset, which completes a full tour around the layout after more than 26 months of designing and building.

The Christmas layout 2013
Wishing all a very Merry Christmas!

Locomotive reveiws

JECO Loco review - JECO HG-A214.1 SJ HG-201
Testing the AC-version (well.. 3-rail version) with sound on M-rails.

Other videos (Pranks & Fun)

Jörgen is chocked by 20000 Volts from NOCH Grasmaster 2.0
Not a clip for sensitive veiwers..

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