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On this page you will find a topic based video index of all the tutorials and how-to videos published about miniature terrain, landscape and diorama.

Here you´ll find the easiest methods to get that awesome look and functionality of your model rail road at a reasonable cost. We are presenting the methods, which can be successfully used without a lot of artistic skills. Everyone should be able to succeed!

We are commercially independent and free to present the methods and materials we find to be best suited for the job. Most of the other channels are promoting their own products no matter what. On this channel you will also find updates and video documentaries from major events and exhibitions, as well as awesome layout videos.

Playlist including all the Landscape & Scenery tutorials

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Landscape and Scenery
Playlist including all the Landscape & Scenery tutorials
Tutorial how to build a simple dock from scratch
Painting the small figures - Detailed guide DIY
Tutorial how to create a realistic forest hill for table top fantasy, diorama, model railroad railway easy
Gravel ground cover
Model grasstufts easy using a brush
Backdrops - Detailed guide DIY

Buildings and Structures

Model platforms concrete asfalt style in Styrofoam

Great Model Railroads Documentary

Marklinofsweden layout update 2017
Hässleholm HMJF Layout modelljärnväg

Weathering and Ageing

Weather with water colors
how to remove weathering made with colorbox colors

Events and Exhibitions

Locomotive videos


Operations / Session tutorials

Car card template (Excel file)
Waybill template (Excel file)

Technology (Analogue / Digital / Mechanics / Electronics / Tools)

Build a simple Styrofoam cutter

Model photography

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, Wheel cleaning,