Operations - Work orders
Operate on orders from the division headquarters

At first, it's fun to just drive around all the train sets around the facility. Investigate how long trains you can build together and how many you can manage at the same time. The track expands and becomes larger and more complex. As time goes on, new challenges are needed, for it to be fun to ride the trains. Then there are a few different traffic games you can drive, yourself, or with a friend.

Fun to figure out, fun to use
I have written at least a hundred different work orders that I think can be adapted to almost any facility. Each work order contains information about which locomotives and possible types of vehicles that will be included in the assignment. It also shows what the assignment is and where locomotives and wagons are to be restored.

Keep your orders simple
My tip to those who are thinking of writing their own work orders is to keep them relatively simple and not contain too many steps. In this way, you can let a friend or visitor who shows interest in the model railway run a work order. It arouses more interest than just asking if it, or this one, wants to try. The answer is usually a slightly embarrassed "no". However, they never say no to a work order.

Each work order must contain information about which or which vehicle to use. It shall be stated what must be done and where the vehicle or vehicle shall be restored after completion of the assignment. In addition to the examples below, tanking, repair or additions along the track may be suitable work orders.

Examples of work orders
Click on the respective link below to see the order form.

Workorder card example
Arbetsorder Verksamhet Förklaring
Switching / Delivery Lumber transport for a construction site along the line at the height of Norrktorp. The task is to switch (shunt) stake cars, load them with timber and pull out the wagons on the line. The wagons are unloaded by hand, after which the stake cars (wagons) and locomotives are restored to the yard.
Switching / Delivery In this assignment, 2 self-loading cars are to be switched and then loaded under the sand silo. Then set up a local freight train to Marbro Station for unloading, after which wagons and locomotives are restored according to order.

Line maintenance Track cleaning after which wagons and locomotives are restored according to order.
Switching Switching operation. Loading of coal. Local goods train to the engine depot, where unloading is performed.
Switching All passenger coaches should be switched to the RIP track (maintenance track) for overhaul.
Maintenance All steamers should undergo maintenance and thereafter parked in the Loco shed.

/ Martin T .