Shunting (Switching) puzzle
Switch the set of cars together on time, or with as few directional changes on the locomotive as possible.

At first, it's fun to just drive around all the train sets around the layout. Investigate how long trains you can build together and how many you can manage at the same time. The trackwork expands and becomes larger and more complex. As time goes on, new challenges are needed, for it to be fun to operate the trains. Then there are a few different traffic games you can do, yourself, or with friends..

Here´s how to do it
A common traffic game is the shunting (or Switching) puzzle. This is based on the fact that a train with a specific car order must be shunted together on the basis of a specific, or random, pattern of the cars.

- Two of the stub end tracks can hold 3 cars each.
- The longer stub end tracks has room for 5 cars each.
- The drill track has room for the locomotive and 3 cars.

First place the cars (wagons) in random order at the stub end tracks. Then start to switch (shunt) them with the engine (locomotive) in number order. This can be done on time, or you can count the number of direction changes on the engine (locomotive).

At hobby fairs I have seen that two completely identical, but mirrored, switching yards that you can compete in two and two. In its most extreme form, however, this is more about mathematical calculations, than actual train driving


The shunting puzzle is a challange for your logical mind