The table which goes up under the ceiling
The table that enables you to leave everything as it was and still hidden away..

The Model Railroad stoved away in the ceiling
A very common problem is to always have the Model Railroad occuping a whole room. It would be better just to have it there whenever you feel like spend time with it. Then that room could be used for storage or for other activities. A large table which can be elevated up to the ceiling is of course the solution!

My first attempt
The initial construction was based on a framework which consisted from 20x45mm spruce and 12mm board. That was a poor construction because it was too heavy and impossible the pull up. In addition, it didn't take long before the framework of spruce started to bend by its own weight.


One of the six blokrols fixed in the
ceiling by a 8mm expander bolt

2nd construction was lighter weight
The second construction was based on the same framework, but with board made of 4mm plywood. That was much lighter and was easily pulled back up to the ceiling. However, the framework of spruce at this time started to get really bent by its own weight and needed to be replaced.

Third time around..
Parts of the framework was replaced by 15x25mm aluminium, AL, profile. These were fixed to the remaining spruce structure by cut AL L-profiles and self tapping screws. The board was replaced by Hi-density foam board usually used as ground insulation in buildings. These boards were joined together using white glue.

The winch system
As seen in the photos I've used ropes and blocs from the boat assessor's store. It works well and is easy to pull up when it's empty, but require more muscles when the entire model railroad is built up.

Preparation of the board
When all was in place and the system proved to work as intended, then I painted the board using a mix of yellow and green colour and spread Woodland Scenic turf green blend and earth blend all over. I finished the work by spraying a 80/20 mix of water and white glue to fix all of the turf to the board.

Here the 6 ropes are seen, as well as the painted and turfed board.
I've added 4mm Teak laminated plywood sides to make the table more pretty.

The table seen from below. The structure has 750mm,
respectively 750mm spacing.